Cotton Experts meet in Bremen in 2024

Cotton Experts meet in Bremen in 2024

Cotton Experts meet in Bremen in 2024 1000 480 Cotton Conference Bremen

– International Cotton Conference Bremen –

Elke Hortmeyer

Axel Drieling

There are just over 100 days to go until the start of the International Cotton Conference Bremen 2024. Traditionally, the event is renowned for its high-level professional discussions on issues relating to cotton and its supply chain, and for linking scientific research with practical application.

In this interview with the Bremen Cotton Report editors, organisers Elke Hortmeyer, Bremen Cotton Exchange, and Axel Drieling, Faserinstitut Bremen e. V. (Fibre Institute Bremen), explain among other things the three key reasons why it’s worth coming to Bremen in March 2024. We also look at this year’s new features, programme highlights and the Bremen Cotton Week.

After Corona and the anniversary, can we expect another ‘normal’ conference in 2024?

Elke Hortmeyer: For us there is now a ‘new normal’. This means that we are not simply going back to the old-style conference but continuing with the great new developments from recent years. We are organising the International Cotton Conference Bremen in such a way that we can continue to offer hybrid sessions and a high-performance online platform for all participants.

In principle, we are continually striving to improve the programme and organisation. The heart of the conference remains unchanged: cotton quality, scientific findings, and the global cotton market, all discussed at a high level.

What are the thematic highlights of the conference?

Axel Drieling: Naturally, every visitor has their own interests, so everyone can pick out their own particular highlights from a broad range of talks covering the entire cotton value chain.

In addition to annually recurring topics, the 2024 conference will for the first time include an entire session dedicated to the subject of ginning. Another session will show opportunities along the way to achieving circularity with the whole range of cotton and mixed textile recycling, combined with technical, economic, and ecological evaluations. At this year’s event we will again take a closer look at another cotton/textile region. We won’t reveal which one just yet. But it’s great that we can present content from every continent and a variety of regions in our wide-ranging lectures. We have speakers from North and South America, for example, along with the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, China, and Australia.

Will there be another presentation of scientific posters?

Drieling: Yes, there will. This year we will actually present the largest poster collection since the conference began. This includes a large poster group from Côte d’Ivoire where various cotton cultivation topics are being intensively researched.

What new conference features can attendees look forward to?

Hortmeyer: Quite a few! We already had a change of venue last year. We will do this again in 2024. This year’s event will be held in Bremen’s parliament building right next to the Cotton Exchange. After the Town Hall and Chamber of Commerce, we are gradually making our way around the market square, but always staying close to the Cotton Exchange. And, of course, we are looking forward to seeing many new faces amongst the speakers.

Will there be another Bremen Cotton Week?

Hortmeyer: The main conference will take place as announced from Wednesday to Friday in the parliament building. It will be accompanied by several other industry meetings and seminars, both before and after. All in all, attendees will spend an enjoyable week in Bremen, engaging not only with the key topic of cotton, but also the entire field of textile processing and other natural fibres.

Drieling: More specifically, there’s the ITMF Testing Committee Seminar on Monday and the Textile & Spinners Seminar on Tuesday, presented by the ITMF and IVGT.

What are the three most important reasons why people should definitely not miss this conference?

Drieling: Off the cuff, I would say “Experts, Topics, Party”!

Hortmeyer: Exactly! Firstly, many experts will come together in Bremen knowing they will meet other experts. This level of skill density is unique in the world.

Drieling: Secondly, unlike many national cotton conferences, the event in Bremen covers the full breadth of content from cotton cultivation and production through to the end product and retailers.

Hortmeyer: And thirdly, there’s the Bremen Cotton Night. The party on Thursday evening is now legendary, and this year it takes place once again in the medieval cellar rooms of Bremen’s historic Town Hall.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Registration for the International Cotton Conference Bremen 2024 is possible now.