Terms of Registration and Participation

Special conditions of participation for participants of the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen 2024 – HYBRID

Applicability of the conditions of participation

These special conditions of participation of Bremer Baumwollbörse, Wachtstrasse 17-24, 28195 Bremen, hereinafter simply referred to as BAUMWOLLBÖRSE, apply to anyone who attends the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen 2024, hereinafter simply referred to as COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, as a participant. Anyone who has personalised access through the registration system of the virtual platform is a participant; apart from conference participants, this includes speakers, exhibition booth staff, journalists, and all other attendees. In exceptional cases, BAUMWOLLBÖRSE reserves the right to change lecturers and/or to change the order of the program while maintaining the overall character of the event.
These special conditions of participation are applicable for legal transactions related to deliveries of conference tickets in the name and on behalf of BAUMWOLLBÖRSE. By registering, you give your consent to BAUMWOLLBÖRSE to share your registration data with the Online Event Management Agency LIVENCO – Daniel Schäfer, Volmerswerther Str. 107, 40221 Düsseldorf. In addition to the special conditions of participation for participating in COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, the licence conditions and terms of use for talque (a messenger service offered by Real Life Interaction GmbH, Choriner Str. 3, 10119 Berlin) are also applicable for visitors. If the licence conditions and terms of use for talque conflict with the conditions for participating in the COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, then the latter shall prevail.


Wachtstrasse 17 -24
28195 Bremen
Phone +49 421 33 970 – 0
Telefax: +49 421 33 970 – 33
email: info@baumwollboerse.de

In cooperation with
Faserinstitut Bremen e.V.
Am Biologischen Garten 2
28359 Bremen

Event dates

20th – 22nd March 2024


Virtual platform of COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, hosted by talque on www.talque.com

Virtual business hours

Wendsday, 20th March 2024 – Friday 22nd March 2024:
Every day from 9.00 to 18.00 hours

Registration deadline

On-Site: 20th March 2024
Online: 22nd March 2024

Participation fee – Full Conference ticket

Price category – Regular On-Site ticket (including the Bremen Cotton Night): 799.00 €
Discount: Early bird ticket (until January 21, 2024): 699.00 €

Price category – Regular Online ticket: 349.00 €
Discount: Early bird ticket (until January 21, 2024): 299.00 €

Price category – Students: 00.00 € (Conference only)
Tickets in the student price category can be booked only with appropriate proof (to be submitted in the registration process).

Price category – Authors and conference speakers: 00.00 €. The “reduced fee for authors” is offered only to one author for each article / presentation.

Conclusion of contract

a) The customer makes a binding offer for the conclusion of a contract when he/she orders admission tickets via fax, email, post or online registration before the registration deadline and agrees to pay the specified ticket cost. By sending a confirmation and invoice of the registration, BAUMWOLLBÖRSE accepts the customer’s offer.
b) By placing your order, you accept that the ticket and invoice/receipt will be sent to you via email as an electronic invoice/receipt. You will receive the invoice/receipt from the organiser via email and the invoice/receipt will be enclosed as an attachment. The invoice/receipt must be saved at least for the legally required retention period, if applicable through electronic archiving. You will have to submit these electronic documents if a tax audit is conducted. You can change the file names of the attachments, but making any changes to the content of the invoice/receipt will be cause for the invoice/receipt to be considered invalid in tax terms, and in that case, input tax deduction or operating expenses will not be recognised by the tax office any longer.
c) Displaying products and services on the website does not indicate a legally binding offer from the organiser. It is merely a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking on “Buy” you make a binding offer. The receipt of your order is confirmed when the order is accepted, i.e. as soon as an automatic or manual email is sent by the organiser. With this email confirmation, the purchase contract comes into effect.
d) Selling admission tickets and/or e-tickets to third parties is prohibited. Admission tickets and/or e-tickets for professional visitors may only be used by the person for whom the ticket was bought. In case the organiser wants to verify identity, professional visitors must be able to prove their identity by submit-ting an official identity document with their photo, to show that the name on the admission ticket and/or e-ticket is the same as the name on their identity document. If one or several of the above provisions are violated, then the admission tickets and/or e-tickets will cease to be valid.

Payment terms

a) All prices are quoted are final. VAT are included.
b) Invoices are issued after the respective contract comes into effect, after the confirmation of registration is sent by BAUMWOLLBÖRSE. The cashless payments of the invoice amounts must be made in full, without deducting anything, 14 (in words: fourteen) from issue of invoice at very latest prior to the start of the conference to BAUMWOLLBÖRSE.
Unless agreed otherwise with the customer, payment is made by credit card, by instant transfer or bank transfer (upon receipt of invoice).
After March 5, 2024 you can only pay online by instant transfer or by credit card.
If the event is rescheduled due to circumstances for which the organiser is not responsible, then this does not release the customer from the obligation to make the payment.

Cancellation / booking changes

Registered participants can withdraw from the contract of participation by 15.02.2024 at a handling fee charge of 25.00 €. In the case of a withdrawal by 05.03.2024, a handling fee of 25 % is charged. A withdrawal or cancellation thereafter leads to forfeiture of the participation fee in full. Withdrawal or cancellation must be made writing, telefax or email. Timely withdrawal is dependent on receipt of the written notice of withdrawal at the Bremen Cotton Exchange at the address notified above.

Special right of withdrawal for consumers, instructions for withdrawal

The participant shall receive instruction about the special withdrawal rights for consumers together with a confirmation of registration according to § 335 sec. 2, and information in text form in terms of § 313 c. sec. 2 of the German Civil Code. Consumers may revoke the contract within 14 days without reason given. This period starts to run on receipt of the written instruction, but not before conclusion of the contract, and not before the fulfilment of our informational duties in terms of Art. 246 § 2, in connection with § 1 sec. 1 and 2 EGBGB. The time-limit is maintained by timely dispatch of the withdrawal notice. The withdrawal shall be addressed to:

Bremer Baumwollbörse, Wachtstrasse 17 -24, 28195 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 33 970 – 0
Telefax: +49 421 33 970 – 33
email: info@baumwollboerse.de

Effect of Withdrawal: Where a valid withdrawal is made, the payment shall be returned and any benefit (e.g. interest) shall be handed back. Repayment must be made within 30 days. The time limit applicable to the consumer starts to run from dispatch of the withdrawal, and for BAUMWOLLBÖRSE, on its receipt.
After the COTTON CONFERENCE 2024 has happened, withdrawal and therefore payment returns are not possible anymore.

Access to the event

After making the full payment, the participant will receive all further information (especially for generating log-in) via email. The participant will then gain access to all conference sessions, poster presentations, the virtual exhibition, workshops and networking/matchmaking events. This access is not transferable and is limited to simultaneous use on one end device (PC, Smartphone etc.). The participant will be responsible for ensuring that he/she has the technical tools to be able to participate in the virtual event.

Recording presentations

During conference sessions and presentations there are opportunities for interaction. The participant is aware that any questions will be asked publicly and furthermore the participant consents to them being published (on-demand offer of live stream). The participant is aware that when participating in video conference sessions, he/she will be visible and audible to other participants (camera and audio).

Cancellation, postponement, interruption, closure of the event

After the contract has been concluded, the organiser may fully or partly cancel the event, postpone it, shorten it, stop it, interrupt it or close it if conducting the event at the venue and/or at the specified time is totally or partially impossible (according to § 275 para. 1–3 BGB (German Civil Code)), or if there is good reason to do so and the organiser or the organiser’s agents are not responsible for it.

Photo rights

Taking photos, videos and shooting of event proceedings, of all accessible pages, sessions and modules of the virtual platform, of participants and exhibitor’s profile pages, of video conference sessions and the presented exhibits is permitted to the organiser, and with the organiser’s permission to the press. The material may be used for free in media publications and for self-advertising by the organiser.


Events are carefully planned and implemented by qualified consultants. BAUMWOLLBÖRSE will not be liable for the topicality, accuracy, and completeness of the conference documents and of the event proceedings. BAUMWOLLBÖRSE cannot be held liable for choosing the contractor with regard the event platform. BAUMWOLLBÖRSE does not guarantee technically flawless transmission and reception of data on the virtual event platform.


All the event-related documents, i.e. the manuscripts, exercises, and case studies are protected by copyright. The stated authors have exclusive rights to them. Participants are given a simple, non-transferable right of use for private use. Duplication, digitisation, publication, sale, or giving access for downloading or any other use outside the event, even if only partially, requires the prior, explicit, and written approval of the author. Any copyright notices, labels, or trademarks may not be removed.
Making video and sound recordings of any kind is prohibited for participants. COTTON CONFERENCE may be attended only by the registered participant. The participant commits to safeguard the copyrights and to attend COTTON CONFERENCE individually within the scope of the contractual agreement for personal use. Any kind of misuse can be legally pursued.

Data protection and data processing

Authors who decide to mention their personal details in their manuscripts consent to these details being published in the conference transcript. We do not assume responsibility for the content of the manuscripts. The data shared by the participant to register for COTTON CONFERENCE is exclusively collected and processed for this purpose in the framework of COTTON CONFERENCE. BAUMWOLLBÖRSE shares data with third parties only if a law requires this or if the participant has given his/her consent to do so, e.g. in case of cooperation events. In some cases, personal data is shared with companies that are commissioned to provide services on behalf of BAUMWOLLBÖRSE. This particularly includes LIVENCO – Daniel Schäfer, hereinafter referred to as LIVENCO for the implementation and management of the virtual event platform and the speaker management for COTTON CONFERENCE 2024. Address and contact: Volmerswerther Str. 107, 40221 Düsseldorf, Tel.: +49 176 61342890, Email: daniel.schaefer@livenco.de. For the operation of the virtual platform talque, provided by Real Life Interactions GmbH, Choriner Str. 3, 10119 Berlin, hereinafter referred to as talque, it is essential to transfer participants’ data that is collected from the compulsory registration process to the sponsors of COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, as long as there is active contact through text chat, video chat, virtual meetings, or sessions from the respective exhibitors. BAUMWOLLBÖRSE saves personal data for fulfilling the contract on the basis of Article 6 para. 1 lit b of the General Data Protection Regulation.
All personal data that is essential to conduct the event is indicated with mandatory fields in the Online-Registration Process for registration and in the talque onboarding process. The data that you enter in these mandatory fields (at least name, function, company, personal email address) is processed by BAUMWOLLBÖRSE, by LIVENCO, by talque and additionally by sponsors that you are in contact with, for the purpose of conducting the event and for the follow-up of the event. Moreover, BAUMWOLLBÖRSE is processing this data to send you more information on similar topics which may interest you. When participating in COTTON CONFERENCE 2024, your participant profile at the online event platform with the data you provided – except the personal email address – will be visible to all participants in the participants list.
After the termination of this contractual relationship, participants can object to their personal data being stored at any time by writing to info@baumwollboerse.de. In that case, personal data is blocked for the duration of the legally required retention period, and it is deleted when the purpose limitation ceases to be relevant. Information on data protection according to Article 13, Art. 14 and Art. 21 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation is available on https://cotton-conference-bremen.de/privacy-policy/.

Commissioned data processing agreement

For general information on the use of your data please refer https://cotton-conference-bremen.de/privacy-policy/.

Additional oral agreements

There are no additional oral agreements. Changes and amendments to these terms and conditions must be in writing in order to be effective. The same shall also apply for amending, replacing, or cancelling this written-form clause.

Final clause

If individual provisions of these conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining agreement shall not be affected by this. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively govern. The sole place of fulfilment, independent of the actual venue, for deliveries, services, and payments is Bremen. If both contract parties are merchants, then the sole place of jurisdiction for direct or indirect disputes arising from the contractual relationship shall be Bremen.

Bremen, October 2023