Venues of the Conference

Venues of the Conference

Venues of the Conference 560 420 Cotton Conference Bremen

We are delighted to provide you with an in-depth introduction to the various venues hosting our conference this year. They are all located directly at the Bremen market, ensuring short distances.

Particularly noteworthy is our new main venue, the Bremen Parliament. Located on the historic market square in Bremen, its modern architectural design imparts a captivating aura to the proceedings. The main conference days, Wednesday and Thursday will be held in this building.


For those familiar with the conference’s history, the Bremer Ratskeller needs no introduction. Renowned as the venue for numerous legendary Bremen Cotton Nights, this iconic establishment will serve again as conference party location and Thursday evening. Please note that this year the Bremen Cotton Night is included in the conference ticket.

Many additional Bremen Cotton Week meetings, break-out sessions, and the conference Friday will unfold within the venerable walls of the Bremen Cotton Exchange. This historic building of the cotton trade at the corner of the Bremen Market is our ‘homebase’.


Learn more about the locations below.

Modern Architecture at the Historic Market Square

Bremen Parliament House

The Bremen Parliament stands as a testament to contemporary aesthetics while residing amid the city’s rich historical tapestry. Its strategic location on the market square not only enhances accessibility but also offers conference participants a unique backdrop that seamlessly blends the old and the new.

The ‘Festsaal’, the banquet hall is regarded as one of the most beautiful public spaces of the modern era in Bremen. Through the glass front of the hall, where the conference happens, the marketplace architecture has a direct effect on this light-flooded space.

The permeability symbolizes transparency that is not only important for political processes. Also for the textile and cotton supply chain transparency is an increasingly important theme.

Medieval Flair for a Night to Remember

Bremen Cotton Night in the Bremen Ratskeller

The Bremen Cotton Night was always the fun part of the conference, after two days of scientific and inspiring input. Talking, drinking, having an awesome dinner, and meeting interesting people for a whisky or gin afterwards. In 2024 it will return to its traditional location, the Bremer Ratskeller beneath the Bremen town hall.

The construction of the Bremen Town Hall began in 1405, and with it, the City Wine Cellar was established in its vaults. Over the last 600 years, the cellar has undergone several expansions. In 1620, the Bacchus Cellar was added.
The four impressive ornate barrels with carved animal ornaments in the historic hall date back to the 18th century. This has resulted in a unique historical ensemble that continues to contribute to the special atmosphere of the Bremen Cotton Night this year.

Meetings in the Bremen Cotton Exchange

The Bremen Cotton Exchange

The International Cotton Conference Bremen is embedded in a week full of events: the Bremen Cotton Week, a forum for all kinds of meetings of associations and working groups. Most of these gatherings will be hosted in the Cotton Exchange.

Formally inaugurated in April 1902, the Bremen Cotton Exchange building boasts a rich history. The fourth floor and attic were specially designed for classing purposes, featuring quality arbitrage and an arbitration court. Architectural highlights of this listed office building include exquisite mosaics in the foyer, intricately detailed staircases, and panoramic views of the Bremen market from the “Tower Room.”

While currently serving primarily as an office building, the Bremen Cotton Exchange maintains a dedicated core for cotton-related activities. The laboratory, arbitrage, and standards room establish Bremen as the international center for cotton quality and testing, ensuring its continued significance in the industry.