Online-Participation: Join from Anywhere

Online-Participation: Join from Anywhere

Online-Participation: Join from Anywhere 560 420 Cotton Conference Bremen

Are you unable to make the journey to the Bremen conference in March 2024? Embrace the future of participation by joining us on our dynamic online platform. Our online platform also promises an enhanced experience for visitors on-site in Bremen: targeted networking, recorded sessions, and an interactive participants list.

Find out why you shouldn’t miss out and have a preview of our online platform here:

Unlock the Bremen Conference Experience from Anywhere

? Direct Delivery of Expert Knowledge to Your Desk

From cutting-edge circularity concepts to innovative cotton breeding methods and the intricacies of processing recycled fibers, the International Cotton Conference Bremen is a treasure trove of knowledge. By opting for online participation, you gain immediate access to recorded sessions, comments, and discussions, saving you precious time and resources that would be spent on travel.

?  Active Engagement – Your Voice on the Global Stage

Our highly interactive platform empowers you to be an integral part of the event, even from a distance. Pose questions, share insights, and have your comments featured on stage in Bremen. The dedicated section for comments and polls ensures that your perspective contributes to the lively discussions.

? Tailored Networking for Your Professional Goals

Don’t leave networking to chance. Take control of your networking experience with our online Matchmaking Tool by targeting contacts who align with your specific interests. The tool provides comprehensive participant information in one accessible location, allowing you to set up personalized meetings directly within the platform.

Let the event come to you, ensuring that distance is never a barrier to your professional growth.

The Virtual Experience

The virtual platform will host the conference lectures, poster sessions & exhibitor sites. All participants can see all content, meet each other digitally and make use of the interactive networking technologies, moderated round tables and much more.

?? Matchmaking & Networking

  • Digital matchmaking between participants, based on needs and interests, skills, branches, and much more
  • Participant profiles including picture, company, position, chat function, video call function, and matching criteria
  • Contact and document exchange among each other via chat, scheduled video calls, or direct video calls are possible
  • Speed dating with automatic assignment of another participant for a 1:1 video call, based on the matching criteria

? Interactivity

  • In the lectures: continuous interaction between exhibitors, participants  and  speakers via chat, surveys and Q&As
  • Virtual 1:1 or group meetings, for making appointments or for instant video calls